Thursday, April 25, 2013

V is for Venice

The hustle and bustle of Los Angeles is obvious almost anywhere you look in Southern California.  It is something that I am still not tuned to. I move at a slower pace due to my laid back attitude which I got from growing up in Hawaii. Everyone moves at that speed there. There is just something about the island that gives off a feeling of relaxation and ease. So it is not a surprise that I find most comfort in the town of Venice, California. That is why V is for Venice.

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Venice first got on the map back in the 70's where the "Z-boys" first introduced the world to skateboarding. It was also brought up when "Muscle Beach" moved from the Santa Monica pier to Venice. Today, a stroll along the Venice beach boardwalk will provide you with people from many different walks of life as well as vendors selling any and everything one could imagine.

The part that I enjoy is the laid back, easy-going feel that Venice has. I reminds me a lot of Hawaii. I can walk along the boardwalk here and I'm moving at the same speed as many of the people. That doesn't happen when I'm on the streets of Beverly Hills. I get honked at for crossing the street too slow in a crosswalk (the self-important drivers of Beverly Hills are a whole other topic).

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Some of my favorite places to visit are the canals which were created by the founder of the city of Venice to make the marshlands into residential areas. Before you get super environmental, this was way back in the late 1800's so he did not know. I also recommend coffee or tea from "The Cow's End". It is quite tasty and makes a perfect fit for any occasion.

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Venice is quite a unique place to visit, especially in LA. I'm sure the same can be said for many of the little suburbs but I have yet to get the same feeling in any that I have been to. Perhaps it just comes down to walking speed, no where else that I have been to in California, do people walk at a pace I do. On the other hand though, perhaps this whole time, it is really just a fact of me moving at an extra slow pace.

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