Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Blink of an Eye

And just like that it turned into two weeks since a post. I swear it was a blink of any eye. There has been so much happening, where to start. How about with a math equation!

I went on a lovely sailing trip on Presidents Day weekend. I was lucky enough to get a roommate who had a sailboat so we took it out since the weather was gorgeous that weekend with a nice little wind.

I also got to a nice hike in with my new Teton Backpack. It wasn't climbing Mt. Whitney by any means but I had to take it out to make sure it was going to be comfortable to wear. I was very pleased with it. I will write up a full review in the next couple days.

For something not necessarily adventurous but still exciting, I got a promotion. This did come with a little more work (part of my brief hiatus) but it is an exciting new challenge for me none the less.

Of course with the good there is usually bad. My grandmother fell and hurt herself. She is not in critical condition or anything but any injury at 94 years old can be scary. But she is heading in the right direction with her recovery so there is good coming. I can feel it.

I apologize again for the time between posts. I've gotten everything organized once again so the writing will be back to what it was before. We also have another exciting sailing trip planned in a couple weeks as well as a hike or two and surfing. There will always be surfing. Surfing makes me happy and if I've learned anything from life thus far, it's that the most important thing is to be happy.

PS. For those who don't like math, the equation says that time is an inverse function of fun. If you're having fun, time goes fast. If you're not, then time will go slowly. You're math nerd fact for the day ;)


  1. That second shot is So gorgeous!

  2. Lovely post. the last pic made me laugh, though it holds so much truth and wisdom

    1. I know. I saw it and was immediately like "Yes!". Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Hi there! Dropping by from the Wormhole Blogfest. I love those pictures and envy you your adventures. Lovely to meet you!

    1. Sorry so late but better late than never right? Thank you for the comment! Feel free to stop on by to check on more recent adventures! Lovely to meet you too.