Friday, February 8, 2013

Blending Sports and Adventure

 I will start with the disclaimer, the following are my opinions and based off my experiences alone. That being said, let us begin.

During lunch the other day, the topic of the super bowl came up. I was asked if I had watched the game and what I thought of it. "Of course I did" I replied. Of course I watched the super bowl. I follow almost all sports and I definitely watch the all the major sporting events. When asked what I thought about the outcome, I replied with a little bitterness. Then a comment came that I have heard before, "I don't get why guys get so worked up over sports".

For me, the answer is simple, I can relate. Sports were a huge part of my life growing up. I started with my dad. He was the dad who had sports on TV all the time. He watched and followed everything from football and baseball to golf and the Americas cup. So naturally, due to his love of sports, my little brother and I played a ton of sports growing up. I played soccer in high school and was lucky enough to play in college and some after as well. I know how it feels to be so close to winning something big. I know how it feels to be on both sides of the missed calls (any athlete is lying if they say they've never been on the benefiting side of a questionable call). So naturally watching an event, even more so one with a team that I follow, I get into it and react almost as if I were part of the team.

While trying to explain this to my coworker, something else clicked in my head. I suddenly found another reason why I find so much joy in this blog. For some reason it never clicked but, when I was playing sports, each game was an adventure. There was a goal (both literally and figuratively for soccer) and I worked with my team to achieve the goal. Since I moved down here, I have not been playing much soccer due to various reasons. In the absence of that, I have needed to get my "fix" in some other way. Thus, We Are Adventure came to be.

With We Are Adventure, not only am I getting my fix, I am finding joy in writing. If I can give even one person a sense of adventure by reading about my adventures, then that just becomes a bonus for me. Now while I dislike the "YOLO" thing going around right now, they are right in some aspect. You do only get the chance to live life one time. Do your best to make sure you regret as little as possible.

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