Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hello 2013

As 2012 comes to a close, I think back about my year. It was quite the interesting year. I have had some  great highs and some lows. As we head into 2013 however, I feel like things are definitely on an upswing. Here is a look ahead at some things that I hope to accomplish in the next 12 months:

Summit Mt. Whitney - This one I stated in my dream adventures. I think it is definitely one that I could do. The most challenging part of this will be getting the overnight permit. From the trail head, the summit is 10.7 miles. The peak is 24,497 feet. And being the highest point the in contiguous, it is a very popular hiking destination. So this means the that the permits are given out in lottery so there is no guarantee that I'll get one.

Spartan Race Trifecta Badge - This is also something that I mentioned in the my dream adventures. It consists of completing all three distances of the spartan races. The sprint is about 3 miles, the super spartan is between 8 and 10 miles while the spartan beast is 12-15 miles. First up for me is the super spartan which I'll be running the last weekend of January.The bonus would be qualifying for what is called the "Spartan Death Race". It is a 48 hour race which you only qualify for by doing well in the Spartan Beast.

Surf Trip to Baja - I have talked about doing this with my brother for years. There are risks involved especially with the current state of Mexico drug wars. But with risk comes reward. The chance to surf in warm water without the crowd is plenty enough of a reward to me. In the meantime I will continue to enjoy the surf I can get right here while wearing my wetsuit and fighting the crowds.

Trans- Catalina Trail - I've been to Catalina several times and have loved each and every time. I think it is a great get away from the hustle and bustle of living in Los Angeles. I would love to to spend a weekend hiking around the island exploring.

While these are not the only things I will be doing this year (hopefully!), these are the top adventures I hope to have done come this time next year. Happy new years everyone. May this year bring joy and adventure into your life.


  1. Nice list! I really want to do the Trans Catalina Trail as well! I am sure you will be able to take down Whitney, if you apply for a weekday you have a lot better chance of getting a permit as well

    1. Thanks! I'm thinking about doing the Catalina Trail sometime in April or May. As for Whitney, I will look into a weekday. Work is the only obstacle but I'm sure they would be able to survive a few days. Thanks for the advice :)