Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Enjoy the Little Things

As I finished my last post, the light bulb in my head went off. There are many people that would love to go on adventures every week. The problem is that this is difficult for various reasons (work, school, money, time, etc). I started thinking to myself about what makes something an adventure. While nice, an adventure doesn't have to be some big extravagant thing. I've compiled a short list of what makes an adventure. As with most lists, this is purely my opinion. Feel free to chime in yours.

Do Something New - While this doesn't always apply, this is one that I always think about. Things like skydiving or surfing are an adventure each time you do them. However, finding a new route home can be an adventure as well. I know we all have to do that most days. And the upside is that you'll never know what you may find in that case. You could find some way that gets you home faster. Either way, doing something new is bound to lead you on an adventure

Adrenaline Rush - As before, this doesn't always apply. You don't need to have an adrenaline rush to have an adventure. Conversely though, if adrenaline is coursing through your veins, the chances are you are on some type of adventure. While it is obvious that you'd get a thrill if you were doing something like mountain biking or bungee jumping, you also get adrenaline from exercise. Ever notice how good you feel after a long run? That's called a 'runner's high. The exercise triggers adrenaline and thus endorphins giving you that happy/giddy feeling. So while every adventure may not give you that rush, having that rush is certainly a good sign you've got yourself an adventure.

Enjoy Yourself - This is the most important part of any adventure. Big or small, you have to enjoy yourself. No matter if you are exploring a new part of your town or a new country, you should be enjoying yourself. After all, the purpose of any adventure is to discover something and put a smile on your face. The only way to do that is if you are enjoying yourself.

No matter big or small, any adventure will have at least one of these, hopefully more than one. But as I mentioned early, and also as quoted in Zombieland, "You got to enjoy the little things."

Footnote: If you haven't seen 'Zombieland', I recommend it. I'm not film critic but I thoroughly enjoyed it and could watch it over and over again.

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