Saturday, April 20, 2013

R is for Rafting

Growing up in Hawaii, I was constantly in the ocean surfing. When I went to school up in Oregon, I to find new ways to entertain myself because I could no longer just go to the beach and surf. During the winter I tried my hand at snowboarding and found that I picked that up rather quickly because it was similar to surfing. I still was feeling a void with liquid water (snow kind of hurts when you land hard). This was where I found rafting. My first trip was as a sophomore. There was a trip through the school that was nothing more than class 3 rapids. I still had a blast. That is why R is for Rafting.

For those that don't know much about rafting, there are six classes of rapids. Class one and two are very mellow. I would say they pose no threat but there is always a treat when water is involved. Class 3 is when you can start feeling the rapids and if you want you, you can try and flip the raft. Class 4 and 5 is where things start to get more serious. Guides are normally required for anything above class 3. Normally they will stop, check out the rapid and pick out a line before going down the rapids. There is a fair chance you will get either tossed or flipped. Class 6 is considered unridable. This normally involves a waterfall of sorts.

Lower Klamath River. Image courtesy of Rogue River Trips
I've done everything from class 1 to 5. I've seen a class 6 rapid that didn't have a waterfall but it was ridiculous. One thing that people might lack appreciation for is the strength and power of water. It can give you the time of your life but if it is not respected, it can take away a life in the blink of an eye.

Cal Salmon River. Image courtesy of Noahs Rafting

Have you ever been rafting of any sorts? What did you enjoy about it? If not, is it something you might consider doing (even the mellow rivers are fun)?


  1. I've sadly never been. I'm ashamed to say we have a beautiful river The James(in Richmond VA) which is wonderful for water sports not to far from our house and we've never taken advantage of doing any of the on water activities.

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  3. Going white water rafting is at the top of my list! Sounds so fun!!