Friday, April 5, 2013

D is for Double Dose

So I want to apologize for the late post here. I had everything written and set to post this morning. I did so because I knew I was going to have a busy day and would not be unable to do anything blog related. Low and behold, I come to find out that for whatever reason, not only was my "D" post not published, it was no longer anywhere to be found. I try to pride myself as one that learns from mistakes. Today I learned to make a copy of my posts outside of my account in case it crashes/gets locked or deleted for any reason. Also, I since most of you will be seeing both "D" and "E" together, I renamed this post to go with the double dose of posts even though they are going to be in two different posts. Now, without further adu, my "D" post.

As with most males, I have a love for fast vehicles. Combine that with my love for the outdoors, rally racing is one of my favorite types of racing. I believe that the vastly different terrains really test a drivers ability. Add in the off-roading and fact that some of the turns run along a cliff which could ultimately lead to a disastrous crash, whats not to like? One of my favorite races is the basis of my post for today. D is for the Dakar Rally.

This year was the 34th year of the Dakar rally. It was originally a race from Paris to Dakar, Senegal but over the years the course changed due to geopolitical reason. Eventually it was moved to South America where it has been for the last 5 years. The event this year started in Lima, Peru and finished in Santiago, Chile.

The Dakar rally has several classes of vehicles: Motorcycles, Quads, Cars and Trucks. The course is mostly similar with small variances between the bikes and quads with the cars and trucks all heavily modified to be able to last the entire race. Unfortunately, even this doesn't stop them from breaking down. That is what the course is designed to do.

Now I am sure not every one will see this as an adventure. Try to think about the races from the point of view of the racers; over 5,000 miles of most unsupported racing across some pretty inhospitable terrain. Talk about an adventure.

Now I realize that there is a slim chance that I will ever be able to compete in the rally. That doesn't not mean I can't dream of it. It would be a great adventure. I have a much more attainable one that I will talk about later on in the challenge.

Photography: Shaun Botterill


  1. Oh that is such a cool picture!! I do call that adventure:) Thanks for stoppping in and leaving a comment. Happy A-Z Challenge.

  2. I passed a long convoy of Dakar vehicles when I was in a Peruvian desert a few months ago- there were some amazing vehicles in it. I don't share your love for racing sports though, and I didn't get a chance to catch any of the races which didn't bother me at all!