Friday, March 29, 2013

The A-Z Blogging Challenge

As March winds down and April approaches, I can't help but start to get antsy...

I will be participating in the A-Z blogging challenge during April. What does that mean? I'll be posting every day (except Sundays) and each day will correspond with a letter of the alphabet starting with "A" and moving on. The theme I'm going to try and stay with is different adventures. Some of them I have done and some I hope to do. 

To read more about the A-Z Challenge, check it out here. To sign up you can click here. Better hurry though because once the ship sails, you'll be out of luck. At the very least though check out some of the  blogs since there are tons of categories with even more writers. 


  1. Thanks for mentioning the A-to-Z! Looking forward to your posts.

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse

  2. Hi Elliot ~ I'm so pleased you're doing the A-Z too! ;)

  3. This is my second year. It's a many nice people with so many interesting topics and fun things to say. Can't wait!